Tuesday, January 10, 2012

look healthy whilst sick

apologising for not writing anything, i have been away on a holiday and trying to keep up with the holiday season which is practically over now, so i'm glad. but how have your holidays been treating you? Good or have you gotten sick? Here's some quick tips on how to look healthy when you're sick.
Soak your skin in moisturiser - your skin will dry looking dull and even aged, so it's important to keep it moisturised, regularly.

Try out aromatherapy - Boil six cups of water in a pot, remove from the stove, and add three drops of eucalyptus oil. Place the pot on a small table, drape a towel over the back of your head, then bend over the pot so your head is about a foot away from the pot and the towel covers it. Breathe in the fragrant steam. Eucalyptus is good to help relieve congestiion and the steam will hydrate your skin. Just wash your face after with cold water to cloe the pores

Add some lippy - a pop of colour can help brighten your apperance, use a lipgloss instead of lipstick so it can add moisture to your dry lips.

Select shadows wisely - red and purple will only make irritated eyes look worse. Use soft earth tones for shading and vaniella tones for highlighting.

Fake that healthy glow - sweep bronzer over your cheekbones and forehead and top with blush, select a colour from the peachy-pink family.

Use rose water - spray it on after your make up application and throughout the day when you need it, its natural oils lock in moisture while its anti-inflammatory properties can ease skin irritation .

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