Thursday, June 30, 2011

eat well

product knowledge.

this week at college was product knowledge week, there was four different products which were coming in and i could not be bothered going today but i went to the other three which i have opinions on.


i quite like this product and am hoping to order some soon. they are products from the dead sea and have exactly healing properties. they are also in the cheaper range of beauty products. my particular favourite is the purifying mud soap which is helpful for back acne and ingrown hairs. something i have to deal with, sadly.


i was really uninterested in this product cause of the way that the lady spoke and she didn't seem to know very much about the products. they also seem to be more the older age group which you may be interested in but i wasn't. and also they included chemicals which i believe would harm the skin.


these are cosmecitucal products which are meant to work into the dermal layer of the skin and they also have a lot of peels in this brand. i found them to be quite interesting and if they are proven to work, then quite effective. they are also in the high price range so i may consider these products on a later date.


this product knowledge is currently happening now at college, so i dont know much about these products. i was just having a browse at the products that they sell and they seem to target particular skin types, having cleansers for each skin type. they dont seem to be as big on the skin care as they have products for everything else including make up. the pricing is in about the medium to high range.

Monday, June 27, 2011

oxygen facial

Oxygen facial is another one of those pricey facials they offer in day spa.

Revolves around the use of medical grade oxygen as a dilivery mechanism for active ingredients in to the skin. It is also used as a ‘wash’ over the client’s face post traditional facial therapies in attempt to stimulate or feed the skin so new collagen growth can occur.

The oxygen is compressed and sprayed at high pressure directly on to the skins surface. A serum of active ingredients such as nutrients or vitamins, etc are introduced in the oxygen stream just before the skin, and the combined oxygen and ingredients in the form of high pressure jet forces its way past the skins barrier defense systems and into the lower levels of the epidermis.

Adding oxygen to your facial treatment will soothe and refresh the skin naturally like no other treatment. Benefits include nourishing and rejuvenating dull skin, replenishing the amount of oxygen that the skin can receives, leaving it hydrated, plumper and younger looking.

make up ive done recently.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

basic skin care tips.

A simple good skin care regime would include the following: Cleaning, Toning, Moisturising, Sun Protection and Skin Treatments. It must be kept in mind that it must be followed everyday for the best results and keeping it looking younger for longer.

Don’t leave home without sunscreen, especially in the summer. UV rays are there everyday even if it’s cloudy and those are the sorts of days your face or other exposing areas of your body can be really damaged. Use a foundation with sunscreen in it, or if your face is dry use a moisturising cream with sunscreen in it. Make sure that if you’re going into water that you use a water resistant sunscreen; also try to find a sunscreen which suits your skin type.

When you apply sunscreen, make sure you have applied it 20 to 30 minutes before you allowing exposure to the sun and before going into water. If you have fair skin, you may want to prepare yourself the night before by applying a layer of sunscreen. Don’t forget important areas such as ears, nose, feet, hands, hairline and lips.

Avoid aging habits such as excessive sun tanning, no skin care, not drinking enough water, consuming too much alcohol, smoking, junk food, too much caffeine, too little exercise and too little sleep.

Drizzle cool water on chamomile teabags, wring and rest of problems areas such as your chin, nose and forehead to unblock angry pores.

Your face should be steamed once a week as it increases blood circulation and deeply cleanses the skin. The steam should not burn the inside of the nose as its important to have the right temperature for this. Boil a large pot of water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Bend over the pot and drape a towel over your head to capture the steam. Keep your face steamed for 5 minutes, pat your face and neck dry with a towel and apply a moisturiser to face and neck afterwards.

Exfoliate your feet following a bath or after applying a lotion. Use a pedi-paddle to soften the hard areas of the foot.

Wash your hands before applying anything to your face such as skin care products or make up and avoiding touching your face too often as your hands can spread bacteria onto your face.

If you were sunglasses or glasses make sure you clean regularly to avoid them clogging up your pores.

Regular exercise helps to achieve glowing skin by sweating out toxins as well as improving your circulation.

Don’t be afraid of retinoids, they are well-known to assist in turning back the age clock. Products containing retinoid have been found to assist in smoothing out fine lines and hiding the signs of ageing skin.

Due to the level of damage that Australian Sun gives, it is recommended to start using anti-ageing creams earlier than normally suggested. Start using an eye cream from the age of 21 and if you spot fine lines appearing on your skin, start applying enriched products immediately to prevent further damage.

Exfoliating the skin regularly (two times a week) will help buff away dead skin cells, allowing creams to penetrate deeper, giving you an overall clearer complexion and healthy skin.

Make rosewater ice cubes for your blemishes. Rose water is a great natural healer, boosting serious soothing properties. And the ice will shrink the swelling and inflammation.

sleep your way to a brighter day

Puting yourself in a permanent pattern of when you sleep will help you to sleep better and therefore feel more alive during the day.

Wake up at the same time each morning refreshed and without help.
Go for a brisk walk or a light jog.
Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and eat a nutritious breakfast.

Have a nutritious lunch, exercise in the late afternoon (tone muscles).
Avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeinated products.

Have a nutritious dinner.
Relax before bedtime.
Don't eat 2 hours before bed.

Before bed, listen to music or read a novel. Avoid watching tv.
Go to bed at the same time each night.
Get a good night of 7 to 9 hours of sleep

Once you have establish a good sleeping pattern, you will see that you are more awake at the right times. And you will have more energy to enjoy your life