Thursday, August 30, 2012

baby foot review

Baby foot is a foot care treatment that is based on removing hard callus and the dry skin on the soles of your feet by it peeling off. Afterwards they claim that your feet are to feel like a newborn babies foot.

The process include wearing the socks for 2 hours and then rinsing your feet afterwards. Then within 2 to 7 days they will begin to peel for a week afterwards.

Day 1: These were my feet just after I had used the baby foot socks. They don't look any different to before hand but I wasnt expecting them too. My feet don't look too bad in this picture but to me they do feel quite rough.

Day 3: no peeling, looks no different

Day 6: no peeling.

Day 17: nothing still. i give up.

My conclusion is that this product is useless, its over two weeks and I have seen absolutely no change in the product. It was a waste of my time and money. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone what so ever!


  1. thats strange ive read tons of review from different blogs from different countries and they work for all of them.. maybe you had a faulty product :/ x

    1. it could be that, but ive also read a ton of reviews that they've done nothing or very little. i was hoping at least something would happen, but nothing did so was quite disappointing.