Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what's that smell?

Body Odour is not a desirable trait and let’s face it, it WILL turn people off. Most of us worry that we sweat too much and more than other people around us. Of course, you must apply deodorant as soon as you get out of the shower and make sure it’s a good product. Most products you will only have to apply once if you’re just going to be having an average day but sometimes it will needed to be applied more than one.

There are also things you can do at home to decrease your body odour and therefore not make people want to run away from you.

It is particular important to clean your armpits and other sweating areas particularly clean, you need to wash away the bacteria that creates body odour at least once a day and if needed, more than once. Another obvious tip is to wash your clothes as sweat seeps into your clothing causing them to smell as well. Talcum powder can be used if your skin is irriated by deodorants and even try and use both.

Watch the sort of food that you eat as it can affect the amount of sweat an individual produces. Garlic, onion, spices and alcohol can be carried in your sweat. If you are eating these foods, take extra care to keep yourself clean.

Carry around baby wipes with you when you are out and about to wipe sweat away and remember that proper hydration can also help your body to flush away toxins that may contribute to the odours.

the old toothpaste trick.

does the old toothpaste on a pimple trick work? Does it really take away the redness? I did a little science experiment today to test to see if this would actually work. and well i have pictures to prove the results... or the no result?
the pimples before anything had touched the skin, i had cleanse, toned & moisturise earlier on but that makes no difference straight away.

with the toothpaste applied thickly to cover the pimple.

and then leaving the toothpaste on for 1 hours and 40 minutes. these were the results.

the changes? pretty much none. so the toothpaste trick, does it work? no. well thats a damn shame, cause i didnt want them to be there. silly pimples.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

winter make up ideas

berry wine lips

light blues

glycolic acid

What is glycolic acid you ask?
It is an alpha-hydroxy which can be used as a chemical face peel. Its small molecular structures allows it to penetrate the skin easily. It acts as an exfoliant removing dead skins cells from the skin's surface and fights acne as it absorbs into the sebaceous follicules and removes buildup that clogs pores. It is also an excellent hydration agent.
This provides the skin with a healthy grow of new skin and collagen, providing a smoother, clearer and youthful complexion. Though you need to keep in mind that glycolic acid is a strong substance and can cause irritation in some skin types.

Some glycolic based products include glytone mild wash cream, janmarini bioglycolic bioclear cream, and credential soft grain scrub

benefits of drinking water

When they say drink at least 8 cups of water a day, yes it is important!
Most people don't consume as much water as their body needs and therefore spend their day in a state of mild-dehyrdation.
Drinking adequate water rewards you with
- enhanced health
- increased energy
- bright, clear eyes
- a radiant complexion
This is working behind the scene through carrying nutrients to every cell in your body, flushing out nasty toxins, improving circulation and blood flow as well as lubricanting your joints.
A good indicator if you're drinking enough water is if your pee is pale yellow or clear and you are making regular trips to the toilet


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tips for your nails

Use baking soda for strong nails as well as helping white teeth. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to warm water. Rub into nails. For teeth, only add ¼ tablespoon to a cup of warm water.

Use baby oil to stop nails from smudging, simply apply a drop to each nail a minute after applying your final coat.

When washing the dishes, use rubber gloves to protect your nails and after you wash your hands make sure your dry your nails thoroughly.

Regularly trim and file your nails and also regularly clean under your nails to stop any bacteria from growing. When moisturising your hands, make sure you rub the cream into your nails and cuticles and especially after using polish remover.

If your nails are beginning to have a yellow tinge to them, soak them in lemon juice for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

minimise the hangover..

we all know alcohol isn't good for us, but for most of us.. we still want to drink it and we still want to have a crazy night out which we regret the next morning because of the hangover that it gives us. but least we can try and make it a little less worse.

Water is best cure for a hangover as it re-hydrates you from the loss of water over the night. Drink more than eight glasses of water a day when you are recovering. It is also important to drink lots of water before you go to bed that night

When you are drunk and constantly peeing, potassium is drained from your body. Eating a banana will give you some giddy-up and go because of the potassium contained in the banana.

Ginger has helped nausea and sea sickness in the past and being hung over is much like being seasick in which drinking ginger ale will help.

Food is normally one of the last things you want to look at when you’re hung over but you will need some to gain energy. Start off with something mild such as plain toast, rice or soup.

Place ice on your head either wrapped in a dry towel or paper towel, it’s cooling for an aching headache.

Sport drinks are helpful to replace fluids as well as electrolytes and glucose. Freshly squeezed orange juices will help raise your bloody sugar levels and help ease of some of your hangover symptoms. But if you have an upset stomach, then avoid acidic juices and stick to apple juice instead.

So now that you know this, you can drink up but do remember to take it easy and don't make a fool of yourself.