Monday, February 13, 2012

The Downside of Laser & IPL

With all the bad news we're been hearing about laser & ipl machines & their users, its scary us off having that hair free skin we all want.
As there is no regulations on who can and cant use these machines and the results arent always hair free. Inexperience operators are coming out with hyper and hypo pigmentation on their clients as well as the worse cases coming out with burns.

When going in for laser or IPL ensure that you have heard from friends and other clients from the particular salon that they are trained in IPL and they have had good results. When you go there, ask if the operator has done training and where they did their training and to see a certificate. If the operator hasn't been trained, I would consider moving elsewhere, even if its more expensive. It's plain and simply not worth it for the damage that can be done.

I personally have not done laser or IPL training even though I have my dipolma in beauty therapy. I have been to job interviews where they have said that they will train me on the machine, but I would much rather go and get a certificate in the course before performing any treatments on clients. Even if this lands me not getting the job, I do not want to be responsible for damaging a clients skin and potientally their life. Other beauty therapist out there, should feel the same about this.

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