Thursday, August 11, 2011

coffee in your hair & avocado + oatmeal clay mask

So today i thought i would try a little experiment, one of which ive seen on the internet and thought i would put it to the test. now, according to a website brewing up 2 strong cups of coffee and pouring it over your hair once you have shampooed and rinsed, darken the hue of brunette hair. and im always hating on the lights bits in my hair but i wont dye it cause i want it all back to my natural colour. (yeap, im slowly getting there) anyway, conducted the experiment with pictures and all. starting off with my dry hair before anything happened.

ignore how messy my hair is, i did brush it but it was up in a bun so wasn't gonna work unless i wet it and i didnt wanna do that just yet. in the image you can see the lighter sections of my hair where i use to have blonde hair (and just nevermind about that, horrible idea. -_- ) and they just annoy me, hence the experiment. secondly, an image of my hair wet before the coffee.

again even though my hair is wet and therefore looks darker, you can see bit of highlights and it overall looks lighter. then well i jumped in the shower. shampoo my hair as normal, rinse out the shampoo and pour the coffee over my hair. and let me stay, you defiantely have to do this in the shower such a messy idea, there was coffee everywhere. normally you would tie up your hair and cover it with a shower cap but i do not own any shower caps so i hopped out of the shower, tied up my hair and wrap a dark towel around my hair. i also used this time to put an avocado & oatmeal face mask on, which ill talk about later.

i know, i look so attractive in this picture. it makes me LOL. waited around 10 minutes, probably more and jumped back into the shower. rinse off the mask and the coffee out of my hair which by now was smelling quite like coffee. then conditioned my hair as normal and made sure all that was rinsed out. towel dryer my hair and giving it a brush and with my hair still wet it came out with this result.

and then i looked back at the wet hair before and i was like it does look like the highlights are gone but this could be due to the lighting or maybe my hair was a bit wetter, i dont really know. i wasn't going to get too excited just yet. then i had to wait a while cause i waited for my hair to dry naturally. once it was dry, we had this result.

i think the results may look different cause of the lighting change as there was 2 hours between each photo. and i had product in my before picture. i do believe it darken a little bit from the two wet hair pictures but you can't see that in the after photo, but make your own decision i guess. im a bit bummed it didnt work out better. now that avocado & oatmeal face mask i used was a mask ive had for a while before i knew much about what's good for the skin and what's not. The freeman clay mask is meant to purge pores, firm and smoothe your skin. and afterwards i felt my skin was defiantely smoother though i did feeling a bit of tingling when it was on my face (could just be my own skin)

that was my thought before i read a review from someone else and they found that it tingle around the sides of nose and some parts of the face (so im normal, phew) and its best to let it dry completely, i only left it on for 10 minutes and it wasn't completely dry but i was running out of time. and it has known to be good to dab on a blemish overnight (but not the whole name) and do this for a couple nights and bye bye blemish. so therefore i would recommend this face mask to those with clogged pores and oily skin, though if you have dry skin i would avoid it as it could excessively dry your skin. stay away from clay mask in general, they're made for those with oily skin. but i would recommend you make your own choice on the coffee to darken hue of brunette, im going to keep trying to often to see if the result improve at all and if they do ill be posting about it. if i never do, well you know why ;) oh and aussie aussie aussie oui oui oui. just the shirt i decided to wear.

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