Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beauty Checklist for Your Wedding Day

Exciting news to tell everyone, got engaged the other day to my wonderful man Kane. So thought I'd have a look at some wedding stuff online and here's a beauty checklist for the big day for anyone else who is joining me through an exciting planning time though sometimes it is stressful. So its best to plan ahead and here's somethings to get your started. But before that, look at my beautiful ring.

1 Year To Go

1. Fix Your Teeth.
Consult with a dentist about straigthening any teeth or fixing any chips that you may have. Some things can take from two weeks to two years so it's best to get it sorted out straight away, like after you've called everyone to let them know you are engaged.

2. Start Your Workout Regimen
This will help you get to your goal weight for the day and exercise also helps reduce stress throughout all the planning. Set your goals for the big day and start working on getting there at least a month before.

3. Think About Your Diet
It can not only affect your weight but your mood, so make the effort to start eating healthy. Swap soft drinks for unsweetened green tea, it will give you a caffefine boost without the extra nasties. Drink lots of water, drinking water will help cure those cravings when they arent necessary. Start your meals with a salad or soup, it will help stop you going for the burger or chips.

4 Months To Go

4. Visit Your Dermatologist. If your happy with your skin, this step isnt necessary. But if your not, find out what you need to do to help your skin in the way you want early as can take weeks or even months before it starts working.

5. Get a Make Up Consulation. Meet with a make up artist sooner than later, as then you can buy the products you may need to keep on you. After the consulation, take a few photos to see how your make up looks in pictures.

6. Test Hairstylist. Start experimenting with your hair after you select your gown, take hair accessories you may consider wearing on the day and always have pictures of the hair you may like to achieve. Just like with your make up, take photos so you can see how it looks in pictures.

6 Weeks To Go

7. Get A Hair Cut Don't experiment with a new drastic hairstyle but get a trim to get rid of any dead ends and have it looking healthy.

2 Weeks To Go

8. Whiten Teeth If you are planning to do a at-home whitening treatment, do this 5 to 4 weeks prior to the day as if you arent happy with it you can also have a professional treatment done two weeks before.

9. Get A Facial Don't have an extreme facial prior this close to the wedding, just a simple basic facial to brighten up your skin and freshen it.

10. Get A Straightening Or Relaxing Treatment This should be done two to one week prior to the day, if you need a colour done as well, now is the time to have it done.

1 Week To Go

11. Get A Brow Shape Make sure you go to a salon or spa you trust and have your brows shaped a week before the wedding to ensure you don't have any irriation on the day.

12. Get A Brazilian. If you prefer lazer, you can start that up to 6 months prior to the wedding and have it done monthly. If you are a waxer, have it all off a week before to ensure you don't have to worry about it on the honeymoon. Having it done right before will leave it irritated and won't make for a fun wedding night.

3 Days To Go

13. Get A Spray Tan You should have tested the spray tan once or twice prior to the big day, but once you have found one that you are happy with, allow for a spray tan three to two days prior to the wedding.

1 Day To Go

14. Have A Manicure And Pedicure Having it done the day before will ensure that there is no chips or smudges on the day. Try a shellac to ensure that there is absolutely no chips and will be great for the honey moon as well.

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