Sunday, October 28, 2012

onto bigger and better more beaux bellus

So, life has thrown a few crazy events at me lately. Needless to say, October has been a big month for me. Had my engagement party on the 13th, was able to drive again on my greens on the 14th, got my full license on the 15th as well as my baby brother Elijah Jacob was born that afternoon. Then, the whole reason of this post.. on the 24th of October, I was put off from my job at Beaux Bellus in Richmond, and I would like to put some harsh words out there about it as I was NOT treated fairly at all.. but I'll just more onto the next step in life which is be.YOU.ty @ home. My new business! All from the comfort of my own home, I will be providing waxing, tinting, tanning & make up. Though the tanning, tinting & make up can always be done from someone elses home. I'm taking bookings from Wednesday and I already have two this week. So its quite exciting. If by any chance you live in the Hawkesbury area in new south wales, australia. Check me out! I'm happy to help any of your needs. My facebook page which was just up and running today is My pricing is all very affordable because I dont have the costs of having to pay rent.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Secret Weapons to Looking Gorgeous All Day

1. Pick a sponge tip eyeshadow brush.
With the skin getting oily during the day, your eyeshadow tends to crease into the fold, or transfer to your lower lids. to keep your eye make up in place, its not the type of eyeshadow or primer, its the brush. Fluffy synthetic brushes are the most prevalent eyeshadows brushes out there, but they cause shadow to dissipate faster. The sponge tip presses onto your skin instead of swishing the pigment.

2. Wear the right deodorant.
Look for an antiperspirant whose primary active ingredient is aluminum, as acts as a plug in the sweet glands, blocking sweat.

3. Keep a dry shampoo close.
Being inside with a air conditioner will cause your skin to get dry which triggers more oil production. Spray your hair with a little dry shampoo in the middle day to feel refresh and keep that oily shine away.

4. Prime before you apply a lick of make up.
If its one thing all make up artist agree on its 'not to prime is a crime'