Monday, February 20, 2012

keratin hair treatment.

My hairdresser that owns Keziah's Mobile Hairdressing has done the Guava Keratin Hair Treatment in my hair. It is a specially formulated revitalising and rejuvenating treatment for the hair
that eliminates frizz. The formulation restores and restructures hair by infusing a natural blend of keratin deep into the cuticle. Which has helped my hair to become more managerable and take much less time to style. It will be noticeably softer and straighter with added life and shine.

My hair is not curly or wavy, but its not straight either. Whenever I have my hair out, i always straighten it because I dont like how little bits are always out of place. This constant straightening is doing more damage then good to my hair. Causing dry brittle ends and spilt ennds which just arent pretty.


For valentines, I wanted to focus a little less on my make up and a little more on my boyfriend. So i went for a simple cream eyeshadow and bold red lip with gloss plus rosy cheeks.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Downside of Laser & IPL

With all the bad news we're been hearing about laser & ipl machines & their users, its scary us off having that hair free skin we all want.
As there is no regulations on who can and cant use these machines and the results arent always hair free. Inexperience operators are coming out with hyper and hypo pigmentation on their clients as well as the worse cases coming out with burns.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Australia Day Make Up

Playing around with my make up yet again on Australia Day and this is the look I had come up with. Now go put that sang back on the barbie and have a good day mate. :)