Wednesday, September 28, 2011

medusa's make up..

i just recieved my order from medusa's make up. so excited to use it. defiantely giving it a go tomorrow, see what exciting stuff i can come up with.

and an ol' photo shopping. im jealous, i want that top but this was last summer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wacky beauty tips

Those random tips that you've heard along the way and whether they actually work or not, well here's are some that do actually work for you.

You hairline is starting to look a bit greasy? Get a fluffy make up brush, dip it into loose powder or use baby powder. Remove the excess by tapping it once and then dust it over your roots. It soaks up the oil and blends into your strands.

Spray a light shot fragrance into the bristles of your brush and run it through the strands of your hair and it will smell amazing throughout the day.

Soften Calluses by applying vaseline/petroleum jelly on your feet and put socks on, leaving them on overnight.

Avocado is a natural moisturiser, take a ripe avocado, remove the pit and skin and mash it up in a bowl. Smooth it over your body and let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse off.

Wild Eyebrows? Tame the with an eye cream to keep them in place, hydrate them and banish icky white specks. Or you can spray hair spray onto an eyebrow brush to control them.

Trying to get your streaky tan off? Put some baking soda on to a pair of loofah exfoliating gloves and scrub away.

Comb vaseline lightly through the tips of your eyelashes to get a sexy, subtle sparkle with having to cake on the mascara.

Ran out of shaving cream? Do double duty by coating your stems with a thick hair conditioner. It softens the hair so it’s easier to shave off and makes legs feel amazingly silky.

If your underarms start to look dry and flaky, an easy trick is to exfoliate them with a gentle face scrub to keep that skin pretty when going sleeveless.

Make an Egg White Mask To revive tired, dull skin without hitting the spa table, try this: Crack open an egg in a bowl, separate the yolk, and use the egg whites to make a face mask. The proteins help to heal and restore skin’s moisture. Leave it on for five minutes, and rinse off.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

make up tips

here's a few make up tips that ive learnt along the way,

Always remove your make up at night. Remove the eye make first using an eye makeup remover and than the rest.
Apply acne treatments before applying your make up or moisturiser.
Do the eye makeup first before applying foundation to the face, but it is important to apply foundation to the eye area before beginning the eye makeup as well as primer.
Rub a tiny bit of foundation into lips, and powder lightly before applying your lipstick.
Make up brushes need to be washed every two weeks
Your brows define the shape of your face, focus on them regularly and pluck any stray hairs that may pop between eyebrow waxing treatments
Apply glitter on the corner of the eyes to give a diva look.
Red lippie makes teeth look whiter.
A pale, sheer, shimmery shadow applied to the inner corner of the eye makes eyes look fresh and awake and sparky.
Highlight underneath your brow arch and a little white pencil/shadow, this will make your brows look amazing.
Make your lips appear fully by applying a spot of gloss over your lippy in the centre of the body lip only.
You should always apply sunscreen when you’re going outside underneath your make up, but be sure to remember that sunscreen will make your face white so avoid it in ‘photography make up’
Brushes are found to be a better use to apply foundation, as the sponges absorb your make up. A patting motion will also give you more coverage.
Apply blush before you applying the setting powder to the face.
Apply bronze along the hairline, under the cheek bone, and on the chin & nose.
Apply a white pencil on the centre of your eyelid, just above the pupil to open up your eye.
When applying eyeliner, it should be thinner at the inner corner and thicker on the outer. You should also apply white eyeliner on the inner lash line on the bottom. Bring the eyeliner out if you want to give the illusion of longer lashes.
When using a curly wand, blast the blow dryer on your lashes for a second for a curling iron effect and always curl before mascara.
Use a lighter blue than your eye colour to make blue eyes pop.
Curl your eyelashes straight after the shower, the warm water makes the fragile hair pliable so they're easy to curl and less prone to break

some inspiraing make up, not sure who it was done by but it wasn't me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

pretty nails

i have a favourite beauty blog, and it is and one of their recent blogs was a how to of a nail polish painting. and i thought i would give it okay. not all of them turn out perfect but some did, have a look at their blog and have a look at my nails.

Monday, September 5, 2011

running benefits

Today i started running like old times (back in yr 9 i use to run every morning before school) and i thought well why not write about running. So i've chucked in a few benefits of a good ol' jog and hopefully it might encourage you to put on your running shoes.

One thing that we all try to do, is go for a jog or a brisk walk to lose weight, gain fitness or just general feel healthy which they can be all beneficial for that. It burns fat providing a great cardiovascular workout, boosts muscle quality by strengthening and toning, eases stress and anxiety, helps us sleep better, and revs up metabolism, it also decreases the risk of chronic disease.

Jogging helps to speed up your metabolism and if you are consuming less calories than what you are burning, you will be able to lose weight. It also helps to improve your appetite – the harder you work, the more you need to eat to repair your muscle and refuel them. Ensure that this food is nutritious.

It will strengthen the muscles and bone density of the legs, back and hips and it doesn’t produce bulky muscles like weight training and circuit training does, but it does increase leg strength.

You need to stretch your muscles before and after each jogging session. Ensure that your stretch your whole body, you can do the following movements:
• Bend forward and touch your toes.
• Kneel down on one of your feet, and stretch the other out backwards.
• Bend your body to both sides.
• Stretch out an arm, grab something, and turn your body round so that your arm is bent backwards.
• Shoot your abdomen foreword, so that your spinal column is stretched into a bow.
• Place your hands behind your neck and stretch your arms backwards. Then twist your body to the left and right, and also bend to each side.

If you’re going to run in the morning, do not have breakfast before hand and don’t do it as soon as you get out of bed. Give yourself time to prepare yourself for it. Switch on the TV and watch a morning shoe for a couple minutes before stretching and heading off. Also ensure that you have a good breakfast afterwards.

Running can also add years onto your life and improve the quality of life at old age. And if you’re excuse for not running is the damage it can do to your knees, no excuse! If you’re knees are going to give way, it will happen whether you are a runner or a non runner.