Monday, September 5, 2011

running benefits

Today i started running like old times (back in yr 9 i use to run every morning before school) and i thought well why not write about running. So i've chucked in a few benefits of a good ol' jog and hopefully it might encourage you to put on your running shoes.

One thing that we all try to do, is go for a jog or a brisk walk to lose weight, gain fitness or just general feel healthy which they can be all beneficial for that. It burns fat providing a great cardiovascular workout, boosts muscle quality by strengthening and toning, eases stress and anxiety, helps us sleep better, and revs up metabolism, it also decreases the risk of chronic disease.

Jogging helps to speed up your metabolism and if you are consuming less calories than what you are burning, you will be able to lose weight. It also helps to improve your appetite – the harder you work, the more you need to eat to repair your muscle and refuel them. Ensure that this food is nutritious.

It will strengthen the muscles and bone density of the legs, back and hips and it doesn’t produce bulky muscles like weight training and circuit training does, but it does increase leg strength.

You need to stretch your muscles before and after each jogging session. Ensure that your stretch your whole body, you can do the following movements:
• Bend forward and touch your toes.
• Kneel down on one of your feet, and stretch the other out backwards.
• Bend your body to both sides.
• Stretch out an arm, grab something, and turn your body round so that your arm is bent backwards.
• Shoot your abdomen foreword, so that your spinal column is stretched into a bow.
• Place your hands behind your neck and stretch your arms backwards. Then twist your body to the left and right, and also bend to each side.

If you’re going to run in the morning, do not have breakfast before hand and don’t do it as soon as you get out of bed. Give yourself time to prepare yourself for it. Switch on the TV and watch a morning shoe for a couple minutes before stretching and heading off. Also ensure that you have a good breakfast afterwards.

Running can also add years onto your life and improve the quality of life at old age. And if you’re excuse for not running is the damage it can do to your knees, no excuse! If you’re knees are going to give way, it will happen whether you are a runner or a non runner.

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