Wednesday, September 21, 2011

make up tips

here's a few make up tips that ive learnt along the way,

Always remove your make up at night. Remove the eye make first using an eye makeup remover and than the rest.
Apply acne treatments before applying your make up or moisturiser.
Do the eye makeup first before applying foundation to the face, but it is important to apply foundation to the eye area before beginning the eye makeup as well as primer.
Rub a tiny bit of foundation into lips, and powder lightly before applying your lipstick.
Make up brushes need to be washed every two weeks
Your brows define the shape of your face, focus on them regularly and pluck any stray hairs that may pop between eyebrow waxing treatments
Apply glitter on the corner of the eyes to give a diva look.
Red lippie makes teeth look whiter.
A pale, sheer, shimmery shadow applied to the inner corner of the eye makes eyes look fresh and awake and sparky.
Highlight underneath your brow arch and a little white pencil/shadow, this will make your brows look amazing.
Make your lips appear fully by applying a spot of gloss over your lippy in the centre of the body lip only.
You should always apply sunscreen when you’re going outside underneath your make up, but be sure to remember that sunscreen will make your face white so avoid it in ‘photography make up’
Brushes are found to be a better use to apply foundation, as the sponges absorb your make up. A patting motion will also give you more coverage.
Apply blush before you applying the setting powder to the face.
Apply bronze along the hairline, under the cheek bone, and on the chin & nose.
Apply a white pencil on the centre of your eyelid, just above the pupil to open up your eye.
When applying eyeliner, it should be thinner at the inner corner and thicker on the outer. You should also apply white eyeliner on the inner lash line on the bottom. Bring the eyeliner out if you want to give the illusion of longer lashes.
When using a curly wand, blast the blow dryer on your lashes for a second for a curling iron effect and always curl before mascara.
Use a lighter blue than your eye colour to make blue eyes pop.
Curl your eyelashes straight after the shower, the warm water makes the fragile hair pliable so they're easy to curl and less prone to break

some inspiraing make up, not sure who it was done by but it wasn't me.

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