Saturday, August 11, 2012

neon & pastel life.

two different types that are in fashion now and ways to wear them. i defiantely will be looking out for these sorts of colours at the beauty expo tomorrow.


electric lips
a bright pink lip paired with black eyeliner and light foundation is a stunning look for those with paler skin.
vibrant cheeks
a pop of colour on your cheeks will warm up your whole complexion.
shocking shadow
colour around the eyes can be gorgeous in moderation, blue shadows will bring out any eye colour and orange will bring out blue eyes.
loud liner
a clean face paired with a neon liner can had a fun pop of colour to your look


lilac lips
lilac is is one of the easiest pastel to wear, and you can wear it on your lips, lids and a touch on your cheeks at the same time.
minty green eyeshadow
this colour can be worn by all skin tones, add bronzer on your cheeks to make the green pop
sherbet orange eyeshadow
orange is the perfect colour to bring out blue eyes and having an orange tint of blush on your cheeks will give you that sunkissed look
periwinkle blue eyeshadow
this colour look bests with a light pink gloss on your lips and keeping everything else simple
petal pink lips
if not worn correctly, as the powder puff colour can make you look cold. ensure that the pastel pink lip is the key focus of your make up. mascara will ensure that this look stays pretty.

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