Tuesday, August 23, 2011

prep yourself for summer.

There is a lot of tasks that we need to get our heads around before summer, so as winter starts to fade it’s time to prep your body for the summer days. Ensure you look your best by following simple steps.
Besides using exfoliating gloves which I recommend should be used regularly in the shower, add a body scrub in your routine. Either go to a spa to have one or purchase/make your own to use at home. To mix up your own, use sea salt (or even table salt if you prefer a less abrasive scrub) mix with either an oil or body butter and add a couple drops of your favourite essential oils. I like orange, lime, tanergine or lemon for an uplifting effect. The oil or body butter used will help to get rid of that dry scaly skin that you’ve developed over winter.

As much as we love a tan, we know the damage of UV rays that cause premature aging and cancer. And instead of heading to the salon for a spray tan weekly, research a good spray tanning mist product to give you that summer glove. And most don’t leave you orange if something goes wrong, just browner than normal.

The most hated part of preparing yourself for summer is toning up for body, you can use toning gel or you can actually get out there and do it. You’ll feel better for it too! Work on your stomach, arms, legs and glutes muscles, do regular toning exercises each day for a couple minutes and you’ll be looking great by summer time.

Start looking after you feet, head to a nail bar to get your feet looking fantastic and start using a foot scrub at home. Get a minty scrub to use in the shower and then once your jump out of the shower, before you dry your feet use a pedi-paddle on the heel of your foot, side of big toe and top corner of the foot to soften any rough spots.

Invest in a good sunscreen and tinted moisturizer that has at least SPF 15+ and don’t leave the house without it. Sun protection is a very important part of looking after your skin and ensuring that you’re going to look your best over the years. Always remember to use a waterproof sunscreen if you’re going for a swim or heading to the gym.

Look in to hair removal, cause we all know that shaving isn’t the best option. Whether your prefer waxing, laser or epilators: get onto it so that you are hair free for summer and to get into that bikini.

Only 100 days to summer, get ready girls!

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