Friday, March 30, 2012

Beauty Secrets from Models

thought it was time i write a post, since MakeUpBee featured me on their facebook page, and I should stop worrying about work for the moment. Why not start with some beauty secrets from supermodels.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely does her brows everyday, filling them in and sticking them down with brow gel. Filling in your eyebrows can make them shape your face in an excellent way. If you're eyebrows are too light, or you just dont have the time to colour them in everyday, then head to your nearest beauty salon for an eyebrow tint, which won't cost much at all.

Anja Rubik uses a gentle scrub every night, while you should be using a scrub no less than twice a week, using a gentle scrub nightly will give you even better results to help unblock those pores.

Chanel Iman uses Rodin Olio Lusso oil as it makes the body so beautiful and glowing, used just before bed and just after hoping out of the shower.

Heidi Klum believes the ulimate beauty secret is not to be too thin, its always better to have a little meat on your body.

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