Sunday, September 9, 2012

lust have it - august

Signed up to lust have it this month, for those that havent heard of it. Lust have it is a simple box that gets sent out to you each month for $15 with 5 to 6 professional, premium and boutique beauty products. Each month i'll be reviewing each product that is sent out. So let's get started on August. Coming in this cute and simple box, containing 5 different products. Including tanGo Tanning Glove, Tigi Rockaholic Shine Blaster, ModelCo Eyeliner, Marc Jacobs DOT Fragrance, & Appeles Shower Gel, Skin Lotion, & Vegetable Soap.


I've never been a big believer in tan removal cloth and there's a reason for that, I found it didn't do anymore to remove tan than a pair of $3 exfoliating gloves can do. Nothing gets tan off in a quick time, unless you scrub so incredibly hard but I dont recommened that. It's $24.95 for the tanGO cloth, I don't believe its worth it.

With the shine blaster I'm a bit effy about adding shine to my hair because I play with it all the time so it tends to get gressy pretty quickly. For those with really dry hair this would be perfect, it did look lovely when I first use it on my hair but by the end of the day it was too gressy for me. If you're like with me and your hair goes crazy gressy quickly cause you play with it, I wouldnt recommend it but otherwise I think its a good product. The recommended retail price is $27.95 so not too pricey either.

I had actually recieved this eyeliner for free from ModelCo before and I am a fan of it. A sample of a simple liner eye using the ModelCo eyeliner is below. I'm not sure why its sideways but oh well. The recommended retail price for this is $26. Quite happy about that because I now have two for free. A $52 saving!

Marc Jacobs DOT fragrance- $160 for 100ml. I wish I got it in the beautiful container it comes in and honestly I want to go and buy a whole one just for the way it looks. It does smell beautiful as well, i'm not the best at describing perfume but it's not a floral smell, it's more of i'm high class pleasant smell. Ha you can tell i'm not a perfume person.

The skin lotion is a decent smell, but does not remind me of 'wild berry' as it claims to have included in the ingredients. Went on smoothly, not much was needed as it spreaded a fair way over my legs and because they are quite dry at the moment, its mositure my fakily skin nicely. I would contiune to use it but possibly wouldn't buy it as I havent seen any outstanding results that any other body lotion would give you. The recommended retail price is $12.95 for 100ml

The shower gel is more similar to the wild berry smell and same with the soap, and I did find that I smelt a little like it after. More with the shower gel though. The recommend retail price is $12.96 for 100ml shower gel and  $4.95 for 40g vegetable soap.

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