Thursday, June 30, 2011

product knowledge.

this week at college was product knowledge week, there was four different products which were coming in and i could not be bothered going today but i went to the other three which i have opinions on.


i quite like this product and am hoping to order some soon. they are products from the dead sea and have exactly healing properties. they are also in the cheaper range of beauty products. my particular favourite is the purifying mud soap which is helpful for back acne and ingrown hairs. something i have to deal with, sadly.


i was really uninterested in this product cause of the way that the lady spoke and she didn't seem to know very much about the products. they also seem to be more the older age group which you may be interested in but i wasn't. and also they included chemicals which i believe would harm the skin.


these are cosmecitucal products which are meant to work into the dermal layer of the skin and they also have a lot of peels in this brand. i found them to be quite interesting and if they are proven to work, then quite effective. they are also in the high price range so i may consider these products on a later date.


this product knowledge is currently happening now at college, so i dont know much about these products. i was just having a browse at the products that they sell and they seem to target particular skin types, having cleansers for each skin type. they dont seem to be as big on the skin care as they have products for everything else including make up. the pricing is in about the medium to high range.

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