Monday, January 30, 2012

extra tips on cleansing your face.

So we're all cleansing morning and night right? Twice at night if you've been wearing make up or live in a healthy polluted area. Once you've got that down pack, here's some quick tips on making sure your cleansing isn't doing any damage.

Ensure you speak to your regular therapist on the correct cleanser for you. Ensuring that you've got the right cleanser for oily, combination, sensative or dry skin.
Wash your hands prior to cleansing your face, you don't want to be pushing bacteria off your hands into your pores as you're cleasning.
Make sure you are using your fingers gently over your face, don't scrub too hard or you can damage your delicate skin.
Remove the cleasner with lukewarm water: hot or cold will damage capillaries.
Dry your face with a fresh clean cloth, not the family handtowel which can be carrying bacteria.

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