Wednesday, January 23, 2013

make up from start to finish.

Since I currently have nothing better to do today, I thought I would show you each little step that I was taught when I learnt make up, starting from the very beginning.

1. Cleanse face.
This is an important step to ensure that you're working with a clean surface. Cleansing should including washing your face with a cleanser, use a scrub 3 times a week and moisturise. Apply a fine layer of non-oily sunscreen as well to protect your face.

That's not me, because I dont look that elegant cleansing my face. :)

2. Apply Concealer to areas such as pimples, dark spots, dark under eye circle, etc. Different colours of concealer can be used for different things.

Looking at my own concealer colour palette the following colours are used for the following thing.
white > highlight specific areas of the face. (highlighting makes areas appear larger and brings them out)
green > redness including roscea, blemishes, scars and broken blood vessels
purple > sallow/yellow tones in the skin due to illness & other factors
yellow > tone down brown spots or cover bruising.
skin colours > colours to match your skin colour, can also be used to highlight or darken areas if you go a shade lighter or darker than your tone.
brown > darken specific areas of the face. (darkening makes areas appear smaller and hides them away) be careful when using browns ensuring its blending well.

3. Apply a layer of foundation starting from the middle of the forehead, blending down and out.

4. Depending on your hair colour and the colour of your eyebrows, chose a shade to suit. You can use an eyebrow pencil for this but I prefer to use a shadow, blend the shadow into the desired shape of your eyebrow. This helps if you wanna fill in any gaps or just make your eyebrows shape your face.

You can see the slight difference between my left eyebrow and my right. The left has been done and the right hasnt, it only makes a small difference but I dont like it too dark or bold.

5. Choose your colours for your eye and decide how you want to apply them. There is a million different ways you  can design your eye make up. I've gone for a simple look with these two pinks im pointing at and the green.

6. After you've applied your eyeshadow, I like to apply a thin layer of foundation just arrow the eyes to hide any colour that may of fallen down from the eyelid.

7. Then I applied my eyeliner, I've used a gold liquid for the lid and a white pencil for inner eyeline. If you're applying lashes, pencil is before and liquid is after. I recommended liquid if you're using false lashes.

8. Apply a lash primer and your choice of mascara. I LOVE my benefit 'they're real' mascara. Absolute favourite.

In the photo avove, I've got one eye just primed and the other primed and & mascara applied.

9. Apply bronzer to your face in the shape of E3. So that is make an E and a 3 on your face, applying bronzer on your hair line and coming down to the cheek bones and finishing up on the neck line connecting each as you go.

10. Apply blush on the cheek bones where you've applied your bronzer. Apple of the cheek all the way up to the brow bone.

11. Line your lips and colour in the lip lightly to blend the colour of the lip liner. Suit the lip liner to match the lipgloss/lipstick you choose.

12. Apply lipstick over the top. I like to use both lipgloss and lipstick to lighten the lipstick.

13. Apply powder all over the face to set everything and to ensure it lasts longer throughout the day. Powder can be reapply, especially on the hotter days it helps a lot.

And the final look :)
Apologize for most of the photos except the finally one were taking on my iphone and its not the best camera. You can see the finally look properly in the photos I've taken on my camera.


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