Monday, November 5, 2012

lust have it - october

Yes I know its november and I'm only doing the lust have it now. Im usually late with this because I try to use the products, which can take some time you know. But in saying that, lust have it was actually quite late with their posting .. not too sure why, was a little annoying. I think i deserve a little discount, but eh. Moving on.

In Octobers box, came Caron Waxaway Ready to Use Sensitive Wax Strips, Mask in a Cup Dehydration Mask, NYX Cosmetics Girls Nail Polish, Avene Clearance Skin and Star&Rose White Bath Fizzer

Basically with the wax strips, I've been waxing my legs for a couple months now, and I do use the brand Caron but I use the good old strip wax that you'd only find in a salon. And even after using there I will contiune to use it. No. 1 so much cheaper. No 2. I feel the result are better. Below is a picture of my scary but hairy legs before any waxing. While some would say that its nothing, I feel like that is enough hair and it had to go. My hairs are light brown but you can still see them.

The second picture is of my leg after I use the strip, whether you can see much of a change or not.. there is defiantely and it did remove most of the hair where I used the strip. But not all, which is disappointing. Also for the fact that it came with two strips which turn into four but you can only use each strip once. From using the other wax, it can apply wax all over your leg and use a strip about 3 to 4 times depending on how thick the hair and how thick the wax was applied. (I dont always get it perfect, especially on myself) So if I was you, (a non beauty therapist) I would stick to either going to the salon for a wax. They normally do a better job and its so difficult to do the back of your legs, plus these strips just didnt do it for me. If you still wanna try it out yourself, it's $9.95 for a pack of 20 strips and could grab them for touch ups, thats not a bad idea.


I have used Mask in a cup before, I suprisingly found it at salvos when I was working there, it was unopened so thought Id give it a go. I found with it, its hard to know how much water to put in and then it does turn to a hard clay on your skin. Which is harder to get off with a face washer over the sink, so your probably better off jumping in the shower to wash it off. I did find a small improvement in my skin, but I've always had this thing with clay.. Clay is meant for oily skins and my skin isnt that oily so i'm a bit hestitant on using it often. $9.95 for a 35g clay cup, which you can use once and cover up for 2 days to use again. Which you dont really wanna be putting a mask on every 2 days, especially a clay.

To be honest, nail polish is nail polish to me. I will buy a nail polish, purely if its cheap and the colour. Thats just me. Though I do quite like this colour so it worked out well. And normally its only priced at $4.95 a pop.

I only painted one fingernail but its purple and it glitters a little, what more could you want.

Just going to say that I dont see how with a small sample of cleansers, etc can you determine whether they are good for your skin, because to see a change.. you normally need about a months use. As you skin works on a 28 day rotation (i might get into that another day) I did find the cleanser very smooth on the skin though I found its probably better to use in the shower rather than over the bathroom sink. The exfoliating did tingly a little and I dont feel as though it would be exfolating my skin as it is a cream but thats my personal prefence. The regulating cream was very smooth on and my skin feels great after using these products about an hour ago. Avene's products start from $24.95, check out more on them.

I love bath fizzers and I just love baths, but problem.. I no longer have a bath so I couldnt exactly use this. Whether I keep it til I have access to a bath or I give it away. I dont know, but if you have a bath for $4.95 I'm sure you will have loads of fun as well as relaxtion. I'm jealous!

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