Tuesday, October 4, 2011

skin sins

There are things that we are doing every day (nearly) that are not only affect our skin, but our health as well. Learn about what these bad habits are and avoid them for healthier skin and a healthier you.

Not having a home care routine, I see several clients weekly that come into the collage clinic saying that don’t do anything at home or they only just rinse their face. They may have really good skin (which they must be damn luckier, cause I can’t explain it just yet) or they don’t have good skin: they’ve found that it ages too quickly, they are still having pimples pop up. A basic routine includes cleansing once in the morning and twice at night if you’ve been wearing make-up, following up by applying eye cream and moistuiser. Ensure you exfoliate twice a week and use a mask once a week.

Basic aging habits are also part of these skin sins that include not using sunscreen daily, not drinking enough water, consuming too much alcohol, smoking, too much junk food and caffeine, too little exercise and too little sleep.

Not using oil on your face - Most people would freak at the idea of putting oil on their face, especially if you have oily skin. But using oil can actually decrease your oil production. Sounds crazy, i know. Overcleansing the skin is known to stimulate the sebum glands which promotes more oil production whereas applying oil to your face can have the opposite effect and actually slow oil production and make you less shiny. Essentials oils that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal are good at killing bacteria that causes breakouts. Apply this oil at night when you don't mind looking a little bit greasy.

Eating diary and other inflammatory foods - The hormones in cow's milk have androgenic affects that can cause acne in women. They can worsen acne issues and accelerate aging. So it is best to find calicum in other forms such as leafy greens and tofu.

Using too much cortisone - They tend to be in your first aid kit at home and are used for bug bites, rashes, etc. But we tend to forget that cortisone is a steriod and long term use can lead to tachyphylaxis which is when the skin gets so used to having cortisone around to control any inflammation, it reacts if you suddenly stop using it and becoming 'angrier' and itchier than ever. Overuse of cortisone also causes collagen to break down, which leads to thinning of the skin and worst case - stretch marks. So remember to use this product safely - only using a small amount, not using it for more than two weeks and only when you need it.

Not airing out your makeup brushes - While we know that we should wash our brushes, once a week, there is the common mistake of not airing them out after washing them. So remember after you washed, leave them out till they are bone dry and see your doctor if you develop a rash.

Using recreational drugs - while there are obvious health reasons to avoid recreational drugs, now there's another consequence that can result if you just say yes. You could find crusty, purplish areas of dead skin on your body that have a good chance of getting infected.

Taking supplements without a doctor's approval - Certain supplements can interfere with prescribed medications. Even if your not on any meds, mixing supplements can be hazardous to your health

Drinking your water instead of eating it - We all know the 8 glasses a day rule, but it turns out that your body doesn't retain a lot of that water, since it goes right through you during your bathroom breaks. The secret to retaining water is by eating it. Suggested are food with large quantities of H2O such as watermelon and zucchini. As a general rule, starting eating more fruits and vegetables, which have higher percentages of water than processed foods.

Getting refills of prescription pills without seeing your doctor - Some medications for your skin need to be monitored closely as they can affect your liver, blood pressure, etc. So its best to check with your doctor before getting your next refill.

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