Thursday, October 13, 2011

odd notes to remember

just over reading a fair few different blogs, ive gather up a bunch of random information that may be of use to you, so have a lookie.

Bath in milk or red wine to hydrate your skin from top to toe.
Use peppermint oil to plump lips
Pour cranberry juice over hair to boost the colour.
Olive oil can be used for smooth hands and cuticles or in a bath for silky skin or as a conditioner. run through your hair, put your hair up in a towel in 20 mins and shampoo off.
Water and milk into a facial spray to keep skin hydrated.
Rub strawberries over teeth to get rid of surface's stains and whiten them
Use a conditioner as shaving cream if you're run out of the normal stuff.
Vaseline can be used as lipglouss, lip balm, make up remover, under eye moisturiser, foot and hand cream, mix it wif left over lipstick and turn to lipgloss.

Hopefully they are helpful. :)

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