Sunday, December 2, 2012

lust have it - november

lust have it november package has arrived, well it did like a week or so ago... but you know. i take my time with these things. this month included ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara, Davroe Lemon Grass Detangler, Face of Australia Cleansing Wipes, Lomasi Body Cream and Star&Rose Hologram Tweezers all in this cute blue bag.

Fibre Lashxtend Mascara is another mascara that claims to thicken and lengthen your lashes without flaking or clumpying. Comes with a cute little micro on the side of mascara so makes it easy to apply when out without having to worry about carting around a mirror so I do like that part about it.
And the best way to look at this is through a photo. In the photo below showing my eye on the left with the mascara on, and the other bare. I already have long lashes which my father blessed with me. Ignore my half hanging out nose ring, didnt notice it at first. My lashes defiantely do stand out more, but I havent seen a whole lot of difference to other mascaras. I will contiune using it though cause it does seem to give them a little bit of length. This ModelCo product is avaliable for $28 RRP.

Another davore product was sent in this pack which again we were sent one of the selection. I recieved the Lemongrass Detangler. I wasn't as pleased with this one, infact I've gone back to using my normal detangler. It doesnt smell as nice, lemongrass is not one of my favourites and I found my other one works alot better. This is price between $20 & $25 RRP.
The face of Australia Cleansing wipes are the perfect thing to keep in your bag or use when you don't have time to remove your make up with a proper cleanser. Otherwise I wouldnt recommend it, I've always been effiy about cleansing wipes.. I believe they are all very drying to your skins and if I was to ever use them I would only use ones that are alcohol free. At $4.95 RRP you can keep them in your gym bag to take off your make up prior, but don't add them to your regular cleansing routine.
Lomasi Body Creams smells absolutely beautiful, mine is mango & coconut smelling and its aw just lush. It goes on smoothly and leaves you feeling fresh and beautiful smelling afterwards. I just love the smell, cant you tell? $22.95 for a 230ml container, gotta find me some.
Tweezers take a while to test out, basically see how long they last when they are being used daily in a salon and that will determine if they are good. Other than that, they are so beautiful. They've got into my make up bag for any touch ups on eyebrows that I may need to make. Thought i'd have a little tweeze too. $9.95 for another pair, i'd probably buy more. :)


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