Wednesday, November 9, 2011

beauty myths and their facts

There is no collagen cream that can replace the loss of collagen in your skin. We lose the collagen through aging, sun rays and cigarette smoke, pollution and stress and it can be only stimulate or replace by injections, no creams.

Mixing two sunscreens to get a higher protection doesnt work, you're better off using a sunscreen with a high SPF in the first place.

That pot of salon wax isn't sanitary, it's like double-dipping. Your putting germs back into the pot, so if you see a therapist go to double dip, tell her to use a new stick every time. Or maybe you should find a better salon.

Shaving against the hair growth gives you a closer shave. Though if you are prone to ingrowns, it's best to shave in the direction of grows as it prevents the bumps.

Blackheads are not caused by debris build on your skin, if this were the case washing your face regularly would help this. They are actually caused by oil and slouched-off skin cells getting trapped in the follicle on the way to the skin's surface which forms a plug that fills the pore and appears dark in colour. Use a saylicle acid to remove these.

You'd think that post wax exfoliation aggravates the skin but gently exfoliating the top layer is essential for prevention of ingrown hairs. Just use something gentle for the next three days to not cause too much iritation .

Apply vitamin C topically can help produce more collagen by stimulating collagen synthesis which can help reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. Use it on your face, neck, decollete, arms and hands.

Having sex does help fight aging, the hormones that are released during and after sex are anti-inflammatory and fight aging and stress hormones.

There is something you can do with creepy skin, the topical peptides can help improve the appearance.

Caffefine in beauty products can perk up your skin. This ingredient is known to repair stretch marks and fine lines by vasoconstricting or closing blood vessels, temporarily helps reduce the apperance of sagging, and puffy skin.

Nail files do need santising whether they are metal or cardboard, they can potentially carry deadly bacteria, fungus and yeast. Ensure that they are rubbed with an alcohol wipe after each use.

Sun damage is the main culprit for skin aging, about 80 percent. Overexposure to the sun can break down collagen and elastin in skin and cause more wrinkles and pigmentation to occur.

Eye drops don't always make your eyes look brighter, because if you overuse them they are prone to cause more redness. As you are vasoconstricting the blood vessels to cause the eyes to look white, if you over-constrict them you can have rebound redness.

Botox and fillers are two seperate things that lessen the apperance of wrinkles. Botox relaxes the muscles that is creating the wrinkle whereas fillers fill in the wrinkle with product.

Toothpaste isn't a safe way to get rid of pimples, while it is helpful in drying out pimples, the fluoride can actually burn your skin. Instead mix a little cornstatch and water and dab it overnight.

Having a vegetarian diet can help prevent aging further as eating a mostly plant-based diet is an important factor for your internal health from your diet to your stress level.

Oil isn't the best moisturiser for dry skin, as the cause of most dry skin is under-exfoliating; if you dont get rid of the dead skin cells on top then oil won't penetrate pass the dead skin cells and may clog pores and cause other problems. The best thing to do is exfoliate then use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid which draws water in or primrose oil which prevents water loss.

Shaving does not affect the thickness of your hair, that is determine by genetics and what's happening in the follicles deep beneath your skin. Shaving causes the hair to be more blunt therefore re-growth is more obvious and feels course to touch.

Wearing too much make up can actually make you look older instead of the making you look younger. If you are aging avoid powders, instead use sunscreen, some blush and do up the lips and eyes a bit.

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