Wednesday, February 23, 2011

facts that you may not know

- senistive is not a skin type, its a skin condition as it changes through your life. a skin type is something that you're born with.

- chinese face mapping: look it up and find out what a break out in a particular area means. this is not always correct, it may mean you need to cleanse the area better but its a simple template.

- Using just a hand sanitiser to clean your hands doesn't work nearly as well as washing your hands. Hand sanitiser still leave germs on your skin.

- For every caffeine drink (coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc) you have a day, you should add 2 more glasses of water onto the recommended 8 glasses of water.

- Are you using the right cleanser? All the different types of cleansers are made for particular types of skin.
milk - all.
cream - dry
foam - oily, combination
gel - oily, combination, normal
bar - oily, combination
lotion - all but sensitive

- If you're products aren't ph balanced than you are likely stripping off the acid mantle (sweat and oil mixed together) on your face which you need to protect your skin from bacteria and further causing more break outs.

- Waterproof mascara leaves an arylic film on your lashes damaging the lashes, avoid using this type of mascara unless needed. (Better yet, have your eyelashes tinted so you dont have to wear mascara while swimming)

- When washing dishes, do the gardening, it is essential to wear gloves to protect your hands and nails.

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